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Factsheets with information on the appearance, life history, and habits of Canadian mammals and birds (including photos) can be found at the Hinterland Who's Who page.

Looking for country information? ECountries, offers current news stories, as well as basic facts - select "Country Profile" for the most information. Find international and historical flags in the World Flag Database.

You can also see things like areas with the most tornadoes, or where the most people live, using the National Atlas of Canada online.

Got a question about biology or anything living? Ask a Scientist has over 1000 questions and answers!

If you need more advanced or in-depth information, the WWW Virtual Library is the best place to start. It collects information on the Internet and classifies it into categories like history, literature, physics, etc.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper is like a big encyclopedia of the Internet, with links to all kinds of interesting sites with help for your homework questions. ScienceNet and Expanding Universe are sites that will point you to all kinds of science information on the net, from astronomy to zoology.

Learn.co.uk is a site that has a vast amount of archives of every subject for every grade. Sure to help you with any homework problem. Oh, and if you have to do a science project, try Bill Nye. He's the man.

If your looking for inspiration on your next project but can't decide what you want to takle, try the exploratorium. I recommend staring at the depth spinner for a while.